The Eamonn Joyce Memorial Cup

The annual Festival football game between Ireland and Poland kicks off in Belleek Park at 7pm on Saturday 14th July.  Always an enjoyable occasion, the Eamonn Joyce Memorial Cup game celebrates the great friendship and sporting rivalry that exist between Ballina and our large Polish community.

The winners are awarded the Eamonn Joyce Memorial Cup, which honours the memory of much-loved local character Eamonn Joyce, better known as Joseph the Ice Cream Man.

One of the founder of the annual match, the late Adam Olszewski is also remembered with the presentation of the Adam Olszewski Man of the Match Award.

Come along and don your colours to shout on your team and kick off the biggest night of Ballina Salmon Festival!

Mecz o Puchar ku pamieci Eamona Joyce’a Polska – Irlandia Sobota 14 Lipca Belleek Park, Boisko Ballina FC Serdecznie Zapraszamy Wszystkich Polskich Kibiców.

Admission is free and all are welcome.