CHILDREN’S EVENT: Children’s First Aid Workshop with Ballina Order of Malta

Another new addition to the children’s programme this year, this interactive First Aid Workshop by the local Order of Malta team will help children learn how to treat cuts, sprains and fractures and learn basic CPR.
Founded in 1941, Order of Malta Ireland- Ambulance Corps- Ballina are a voluntary organisation providing First Aid and Ambulance cover to the community. As a voluntary member organisation, their mission is to make a positive contribution and to effect real change in our local and national communities by saving lives with care, touching lives with compassion in a non-discriminatory manner, and providing essential support where needed to change the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in the delivery of our community care initiatives, first-aid services, youth and specialist professional training programmes.

The Order of Malta are also one of the cornerstones of Ballina Salmon Festival, always on hand to provide first aid and emergency response cover to our many events. You can follow them on Facebook here.


Suitable for:  Children aged 9-13

Date: Friday 13th July

Time: 11am – 1pm

Location: Order of Malta Ballina HQ, Marian Crescent

Admission: €2 (with €0.50c booking fee).
Booking essential


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Please note a limit of two children per booking applies.